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Indicators for Quality Improvement

To find the indicators, click on the grid below. The categories on the grid are indicative and based on the Next Stage Review pathways of care and dimensions of quality.

You can also find indicators by typing in the search box. You can download a full list of indicators from the quick links on the right.

The numbers show how many indicators are currently available for each area.


Quality Dimension

  Safety Effectiveness Experience
Acute Care 18
Children's Health 5
End of Life Care 3
Learning disabilities 1
Long Term Conditions 46 1
Maternity and Newborn 3
Mental Health 3 21
Other 4 28
Planned Care 8 101 29
Staying Healthy 3

See how the IQI indicators fit under the Outcomes Framework domains of care.

What's New

There are no planned future updates on any of the IQI indicators

There are no planned future updates on any of the IQI indicators

March 2013. Data refreshed for 11 indicators.

Refreshed indicators include breast symptom two week wait, percentage of people that are referred with any suspected cancer who see a specialist within two weeks, prevalence of breast feeding 6-8 weeks.

February 2013. Data refreshed for 4 indicators

Refreshed indicators include diagnostics waiting times (percentage of patients waiting under 6 weeks), median waiting times (weeks) for echocardiogram and adults receiving secondary mental health services.

January 2013 - Data refreshed for 27 indicators

Refreshed indicators include emergency readmissions, percentage of deaths occurring at home, sickness absence rates.